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Depression Symptoms Decoded

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A New Year's resolution of NO depression for the world.

My self-help curing depression jumped way up in sales after the holidays... kinda sad. To help people get over the holiday blues, I just marked down my current edition to $3.99 to help my Kindle readers in this New Year. Link Here:


**This book has mature…

Perhaps Multi-Tasking is a failure mode and not a success mode.

So, I just had a thought that contradicts modern sociatal norms: 


Is multi-tasking truly a valuable work skill? Or life skill? 


Perhaps modern society's fixation on being a 'good multi-tasker' is a bad idea. How many unfinished books do you have in your house? How many 1/2 done projects in your life? After a while multi-tasking just become a life filled with bits and pieces, like so much flotsam and jetsam from trying to ship too much, too fast and too unsafely.


We love to watch the Olympics because the athletes are the BEST at something - often just one solitary thing.


Maybe the idea of 'multi-tasking' should be rethought? Maybe it is a liability for happiness and success?


This and more solutions to resolving depression can be found in my best selling "Depression Symptoms Decoded".

A New Year's resolution of NO depression for the world.

My self-help curing depression jumped way up in sales after the holidays... kinda sad. To help people get over the holiday blues, I just marked down my current edition to $3.99 to help my Kindle readers in this New Year. Link Here:

**This book has mature content** This is NOT your typical dance around the darker side of depression book. It is brutally honest and bravely and savagely explorers the dangerous side of depression.
I see ebay book sellers are selling my discontinued edition for up to $60.00, but I would not recommend buying that edition. I don't expect it to become a collectable just because I took it out of print, as I have the new edition on the market.

Writing Tips from a Best Selling Author. The reality of idie writers

When I wrote my first novel 3 years ago, I had visions of writing the "All American Novel". Reality presented me with "Just an American Novel". Still, I did rather well -- and that book, "Blood and Venom" generated an opportunity to ghost-write a book for a family. I made more money writing the family biography than my novel!

However - I was hooked!

Three years later, I've finished my ninth book. I am finally figuring out my goals and marketing plan. Gone is the idea of NY Times Best Seller. Now, I just want to supplement my retirement in 20 years. That's it. And I'm happy with that idea. If I have 20 books (a reasonable number for me to write), I will be making a nice 2nd income. I no longer expect great wealth because I have learned a few things about books:

1. You have 30 days from release to maximize sales. You better have a game plan that includes committed friends and family promotion BEFORE you publish.

2. If you sell 500 copies of ANYTHING you are smoking hot. In fact, you are in the top 5% of all authors. Most books only sell about 1.8 copies. That means the author bought one - and maybe his mom. Sigh...

3. I played around with my genres and found out this actually hurts an author. Readers do NOT cross from one genre to the next. If you change genre then you must have a new marketing plan and new customers.

4. However, play around with your genres until you find your fit. My best sellers are in self-help "Top Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" #20 in sports medicine & "Depression Symptoms Decoded". My next best selling books are political satire. I'm not very political myself, and perhaps my objectiveness makes for the best satire. I dunno.

5. I shamelessly self-promote (witness this discussion thread!). However, I am proud of my work so I mean it when I promote. This works. Get brave. Get strong. Believe in your books.

6. Amazon Kindle sales revenue at 70% is a good deal, and generates most of my sales. I like the reward of selling books, and the money is nice. So, I am focusing my efforts on driving people to my Kindle works.

That's it. Writing is more than my first book. Writing is every book I've completed. Writing is every book I will complete. Who knows? In the middle of just enjoying writing books I might just create that "All American Novel" after all. *grin*

-Stephen Paul West

Best-Selling Author of:

Best selling book "Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" gives rise to Product website for pain relief.

Sciatica Pain caused by leaning overTop 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain rocketed to the top 100 chart in sports medicine; and it has stayed on that best-selling list for seven months!


This book is not just for athletes though. All back sufferers are benefiting from the well written and concise tips for getting over back injury fast. The success of Top 10 Cures for Sciatica is because of the careful reviews of best products that provide pain relief. Many books on back pain talk about therapy, causes and doctors -- and this book covers those issues as well.




The true value of "Top 10 Cures For Sciatica" is the products evaluated. People are looking for immediate relief from back pain. Some of the items evaluated scientifically reduce back pain over 40% in studies.


Its those kinds of tips that keep this important self-help at the top of the charts.


Now, the success of the book has born a full-blown product site selling all the best-of-the-best back curatives available. SciaticaBackPainHelp.Com is the fast way to get relief from agonizing back pain! And the site is using Amazon Affiliates to provide these products. It is the best of ecommerce meeting the best of cures.


"It's nice to have products delivered directly to my door when I am suffering from back pain. Driving ANYWHERE is just too difficult." M.B. Atlanta


"I was very impressed with the comprehensive information about this painful condition. The pictures your presented were helpful. The thing I liked the most is that you are only one of the few authors who highlighted about muscle problems which might trap sciatic nerve. Most people were focused only on the
disk herniation aspect of it although it is one the main causes." - Amazon Reviewer 5 Stars


It is great to have a book that fixes back pain fast - it is even better to have all the products available in a fast, easy and convenient location for shopping.


Enjoy your copy of "Top 10 Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain" today, and find all the products reviewed in that best selling book by visiting

Sciatic Nerves in the back



Comments on suicide and killing yourself quickly.

Recently I answered a strange question about killing one's self. While the writer poses the question as research for a book, it might also be possible that this was personal at a deeper and darker level. Here was the question:



I am writing a book and looking to find a way to have one of the characters kill themselves, but I am horrible at writing "person in vast amounts of pain" views.


Perhaps the individual was writing a book, but it is also possible they were doing personal research on their own dark thoughts. Self-harm is no trifling matter, and I mixed my reply with the possibility it was just writers research, or the possibility of suicide. My reply:



The fictional story Jurassic Park used dinosaurs as a quick way to die. But I'm not certain you want that kind of fiction. If I could recommend a great best-seller on helping cure depression, "Depression Symptoms Decoded"


Here's and excerpt from that book:


"Dark thoughts are very common, and most likely universal, so I’m certain I have a fairly large audience as I continue.


The survey of 3,010 people over [the age of] 15 years old found (2.6%) subjects reported suicidal ideation in the past two weeks. The survey shows that nearly 3% of people have harmful thoughts within the last two weeks. This was a survey of a general population, so its 3% of everybody. That’s a lot of people. 


The core of all dark thoughts comes from not feeling safe – specifically in not feeling safe from pain. If we can make a safe place from pain, then we are free from violent ideations.


If you remove the fear, pain, and anxiety from our lives; our brain will refocus on lighter thoughts automatically. Too often we try to banish the thoughts without respect to the banishing the pain. This is the proverbial cart before the horse."

Best-Selling Book on Sciatica Cure still on the charts in medical books

Sciatica CureI have a best seller in Medical Books. Top Ten Cures for Sciatica and Back Pain, has been on the best seller list since April when I released the book.

I never thought I would place in medicine when I started writing. I published one book in 2011 (Blood and Venom), and six books in 2012.

Only 2 books so far this year, but one best-seller in a genre I never dreamed when I started.

The joy is sometimes in the journey an’ the path the cosmos provides beyond our conscious thought.

This year I will start a video series on the Sciatica book, as well as some narration of my other works, such as Depression Symptoms Decoded.

I am grateful for all the readers who support my works. I enjoy each email (good or bad) that is delivered to me.

Thanks much, and I will continue to write because of you!

A reader writes, What's wrong with me? my head? I'm a 18 year old university student who can't think anymore...

Recently, a reader asked a question:


I'm currently 18 years old and a university student. Recently I realized that something has been going on in my head that is making me unable to think clearly. This week, the symptoms have been getting worse. I'm an "A" student, however a couple days ago I failed an exam that I should have gotten an "A" on because I just couldn't bring myself to concentrate during my exam.


For the past couple of days I've had a slight but constant headache. Just now, I took a piece of gum out of the pack and instead of throwing away the wrapper, I threw away the whole pack of gum without realizing until came back to my room and found my whole pack of gum in the garbage. These small instances of inattentiveness have been happening to me more and more recently, which is odd because I'm usually on top of everything, well organized, and clear minded. I've never taken illegal drugs ever in my life, nor have I not been getting less sleep than usual (6-7 hours).


All I know is that I was incredibly stressed the past couple of weeks because I had a lot on my schedule. Could that have anything to do with it? Thanks for your time.





My reply to her question was:

Depression cure book best selling self helpBest Answer - Chosen by Voters

Analytical thinking skills burn up to 50% of human glucose and oxygen. Being an A student in a university is like running a marathon constantly. Just people don't respect the effort because its all internally.

You have to find a place where you can decompress - not because of any other fact than the mind (just like a body) needs to recover raw materials (calcium, seretonen, niacin, etc) to continue working so hard.
Get some rest. Respect your limitations.

"In fact, the brain consumes up to 30% of the body’s glucose in a normal day. I found under stress the mind can devoir a whopping 50% of the glucose. (Not to mention a lion’s share of oxygen). Considering it is about 4% of typical body mass it consumes a very large amount of resources. "


Source: Depression Symptoms Decoded best selling self-help curing depression.


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Abraham Lincoln to John Stuart January 23, 1841 


“I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better I cannot tell; I awfully forebode I shall not; To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better.”  - 

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